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September 8, 2014

Amazing Vintage Photographs That Show Transport in the U.S Before the Invention of Cars

Before cars, people used horses and buggies to get around and clung to coastal settlements to use the waterways for trade. There were not many roads in America at the time, and the roads were usually in poor condition. These 25 amazing vintage photographs show what Americans used to use for transportation before cars were invented?

1905: The Jersey Shore

1903: One Horsepower New Orleans Milk Cart

1904: US Treasury Currency Wagon, Washington

1899: Farm Yard Scene, Germantown

1898: Ferry on the Ocklawaha River, Florida

1898: Ferry on the Ocklawaha River, Florida

1902: Cotton Cart, Mobile, Alabama

1862: Allan Pinkerton, a feared and famous member of the Secret Service in Antietam, Maryland

1908: Eviction in New York

1904: Baltimore

1904: Palm Beach Florida Trolley

1893: Two Horsepower Prime Mover, Ewen, Michigan

1865: Federal troops at Confederate winter quarters near Yorktown, Virginia

1899: Virginia Vegetable Cart

1902: The close of a career

1905: Dock Street, Philadelphia

1864: General William T. Sherman, near Atlanta, GA

1904: Broad Street lunch carts, New York

1902: Tobacco warehouse, Louisville

1898: An Assinaboine Indian, on guard on the outskirts of camp

1864: Fortified railroad bridge across the Cumberland River at Nashville

1898: Gathering Sisal, Nassau, Bahama

1905: Norfolk, Virginia

1899: Ocean Springs, Mississippi

1897: Basking Ridge, New Jersey



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