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September 27, 2014

Summer Under Southern Skies of Australia in the 1940s

These are beautiful vintage photos that show the life in southern Australia in the 1940s.

Relaxing under the summer sun in Townsville

Diving into Sydney Harbor under summer skies

Cooling down with an ice block under summer skies in New Zealand

Lifesaving test under summer skies

Splashing about under summer skies

Anyone for watermelon under summer skies?

Waiting to go on to the tennis court under summer skies

Beach sports under summer skies

Beach sports under summer skies

Surfing lessons in Cornwall under summer skies

Cricketers take refreshment under (late) summer skies

New hat ready for summer under summer skies

Diving in, under summer skies

Summer uniform, under summer skies

(via Australian War Memorial collection)


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