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August 1, 2014

Vintage Photographs of Flooding in Missouri

Throughout time, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, as well as smaller lakes and tributaries around the State, have endured the devastating effects of major flooding. Here's a small collection of vintage photographs from various Missouri State Archives photograph collections to document the history of flooding in Missouri.

Men in boats or horse drawn wagons attempt to navigate a flooded area of Jefferson City, Missouri, ca. 1903.

Two men float in a boat along a flooded street in Jefferson City, Missouri. The old State Capitol building is in the background, ca. 1903.

View of Jefferson City from atop the old State Capitol building shows flooding below St. Peter's Church, ca. 1903.

A group stands on dry land as a boat navigates a flooded area in Jefferson City, Missouri, ca. 1906.

Two women and a man stand in the foreground on a flooded railroad bridge. A large group of people gather behind them, ca. 1909.

View of flooding in Tuscumbia with bridge in foreground and buildings in back. Several men, including one on horseback, survey the damage, ca. 1926.

People in boats row through flooded plain in Southeast Missouri, ca. 1935.

Car sits on an island created by flood waters in between buildings near the Osage River in Warsaw, Missouri, ca. 1935.

Two women and a dog stand atop an automobile mostly submerged in flood waters, ca. 1937.

View of flooded riverfront in Hannibal, Missouri, ca. 1947.

View of flooded riverfront in Hannibal, Missouri, ca. 1947.

Aerial view of land covered with sand from receding flood waters, ca. 1950.

View of brick buildings and railroad tracks submerged in flood waters, ca. 1951.

View of Hardware Company, John Deere and other buildings on flooded street. A large pile of debris floats in water, ca. 1951.

View of riverfront in Hannibal, Missouri showing flooding and bridge in background, ca. 1951.

Two barges slam into bridge due to high water on the Mississippi River as a group of men watch from shore, ca. 1951.

Flooded intersection shows road signs partially submerged, ca. 1951.

Image shows flooding on busy street with gas station in foreground, Beck's Grocery in background, and several cars attempting to drive through water, ca. 1951.

Rt. 63-54 flood damage show receded water on busy street in Cedar City. Beck's Grocery store in background, ca. 1951.

Image shows bridge blocked off with signs indicating "Danger Water Over Highway," ca. 1951.

Aftermath of Kansas City flood shows one house deposited atop another house, ca. 1951.

Image shows truck parked atop road concrete warped and damaged by flood waters, ca. 1952.

Bridge washed out by flood waters collapses as people observe, ca. 1952.


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