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August 4, 2014

Unseen Black and White Photographs of World War I

Here's a collection of unseen black and white photographs of the World War One. You can find more on Mirrorpix.

Men and horses of the 1st Cavalry Division, British Expeditionary Force, on the retreat from Mons in August 1914.

A blanket tossing interlude for the Manchester Battalions in training at Heaton Park at the beginning of the First World War. Circa September 1914.

A group of British prisoners of war seen here under guard at a POW camp at Doeberitz situated about eight miles west of Berlin. When this image was published in the Daily Mirror on the 19th September the families many of the men shown were relieved as their loved ones had been listed as "Missing in Action" Circa 10th September 1914.

The German Crown Prince Wilhelm seen here reviewing soldiers of the 5th Army at his headquarters. Circa October 1914.

Members of the 2nd East Lancaster Royal Field Artillery pose at Ardwick in 1915 before travelling to to France.

Adolf Hitler far right seen here resting behind the lines at Comines with his comrades from the XVth Bavarian Regiment. Circa March 1915.

A contingent of German prisoners from Neuve Chapelle seen here passing through Handforth, Lancashire, on their way to the Handforth 3, Queen's Ferry Camp prisoner of war camp. Circa March 1915.

The 16th Manchesters march past Lord Kitchener at Manchester Town Hall with the rest of the City Battalion.

Kaiser Wilhelm II seen here reviewing the Prussian Guards Division at Marles in the Somme District. Circa May 1915.

A British soldier seen here with his horse on the banks of an un-named French river watches on as a French women completes the soldiers laundry. Circa 1915.

Just behind the British frontline. Men of the Scottish regiment get use to wearing their respirators. 28th October 1915.

A RFC Padre seen here using the gunners position of a F.E.2b as a make-shift pulpit to conduct Sunday Church Parade at an unknown airfield in France just behind the frontline. Circa 1916.

The British gunboat HMS Firefly seen here in action on the Tigris River before being captured by the Turks at Kut in 1916.

German Kaiser Wilhelm II seen here with General Moltke receiving a report from an officer. Circa January 1916.

Pipers believe to be from the Cameron Highlander Regiment marching to the frontline during the Battle of the Somme. Circa July 1916.

Soldiers of the 10th Worcesters seen here bringing in German prisoners captured during the attack on La Boisselle, at the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. 3rd July 1916.

German Crown Prince Wilhelm seen here cracking a joke with officers and men during an Iron Cross award ceremony for the 1st Company, Bavarian Infantry (Bavarian King's Guard Regt.), during the Verdun campaign. 7th July 1916.

Members of the Middlesex Regiment seen here returning from the trenches in the pouring rain during the Somme campaign. The Battle of the Somme lasted from 1 July to 18 November 1916 and cost the Allies some 420,000 casualties. The Middlesex Regiment had more battalions engaged in this battle and suffered greater casualties than in any other operation on the Western Front during the First World War 11th November 1916.

British Army Efficiency Tests. Horses and men in gas masks during tests to find the best protection against gas attacks. September 1917.

German nurses wearing gas masks give first aid to soldiers gassed on the Italian front 1917.

Munitions girls seen here posing for the camera after their daily physical exercises. No location was given on the photograph 16th February 1918.

The children of Alsace in possession of the French are taught by a military schoolmaster for the time being. They each carry their gas masks some of them here seen drawn up for the visit of Monsieur Clemenceau with an old veteran of the 1870 amongst them. 27 February 1918.

HMS Vindictive an Arrogant class cruiser seen here on 24th April 1918 after she was in fierce action at Zeebrugge. Vindictive was part of a raid to block the main entrance of the port thus preventing the German's using the harbour as a submarine base. The smokescreen which was meant to cover her approach to the port failed and as she went alongside the Mole her upperworks were badly damaged by gunfire, her Captain, Alfred Carpenter was awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions during the raid.

Troops of the British Third Army carrying a wounded colleague captured during the Spring Offensive or Kaiserschlacht campaign in March 1918. Are seen here being escorted away from the frontline by a lone German soldier as more German stormtrooper units march up to the front . 21 March 1918.

British troops shopping in a French vegetable market during the final year of World War One.

Soldiers of the French forces operating in Italy distributing French flags to the inhabitants of an Italian town. The younger generation are especially keen to obtain a souvenir. Circa August 1918.

Their last parade. - The turkeys about to be commandeered to make dinner for our troops in Italy. Circa February 1919.

The remains of Nurse Edith Cavell who had been executed by the Germans in the First World War seen here being given a naval guard of honour as the coffin is brought a shore in Dover. 15th May 1919.

Crowds in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles shortly after the signing of the peace treaty the formally ended the First World War . 28th June 1919.

British and Allied troops seen here march passed Buckingham Palace during the Victory Parade to celebrate the end of the first world war on 19 July 1919.

Members of the Royal Artillery along with members of British and Allied armies seen here march through the streets of London during the Victory Parade to celebrate the end of the first world war on 19 July 1919.

British and Allied troops seen here march through Trafalgar Square during the Victory Parade to celebrate the end of the first world war on 19 July 1919.

German shock troops ready to go over the top for the great offensive of March 1918.

1918 - A year that opened in despair and ended in triumph, as overjoyed crowds celebrated the Armistice. This mixture of soldiers and civilians took over a London taxi-cab for a joyride in Trafalgar Square.

Peace celebrations in Hyde Park. King George V and the Queen in their carriage, July 1919.

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