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August 15, 2014

Interesting Behind the Scenes Photographs From the Filming of ‘Indiana Jones‘

Fantastic production photos of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the cast at work on all four Indiana Jones films.

An early running joke in the Raiders script had Indy constantly replacing guns that were damaged in some way. Here Ford holds Indy’s .455 Smith & Wesson revolver.

Closing scene to Raiders, comprised of a simple set and detailed matte painting.

Allen and Ford tied to a pole on the altar set; scenes from this sequence were shot from mid-to late August 1980.

Ford, Slocombe and Spielberg discussing the opening sequence of Raiders, based on a real Inca fertility figure.

George Lucas enjoying a break from the set of Raiders.

Spielberg checks for camera angles and shot possibilities on a miniature of the Tanis Digs location.

Behind-the-scenes shot during one day shoot in Venice on August 8, 1988.

Connery, Ford and Spielberg shoot the burning interior castle shots

Lucas chats with Phoenix and Spielberg during Colorado location shoot for train pursuit sequences.

Paul Huston touches up the bridge miniature from The Last Crusade.

Costume fabric reference for Short Round.

Harrison Ford on The Temple of Doom set.

On the back lot, a cliff and rope bridge were rigged to film the fight between Indy and Mola Ram.

Spielberg filmed much of the fight between Indy and the huge Thuggee foreman, Pat Roach with stuntman Vic Armstrong, carefully concealing his face from view by shooting from behind or in shadows.

Executive producer George Lucas and producer Howard Kazanjian on location in Tunisia during the shoot for Raiders of the Lost Ark, September 1980.



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