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August 8, 2014

Beautiful Color Pictures of Canadian Women's Army Corps During World War II

The Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) was a non-combatant branch of the Canadian Army for women established during the Second World War to release men from those non-combatant roles in the Canadian armed forces as part of expanding Canada's war effort. Most women served in Canada but some served overseas, most in roles such as secretaries, mechanics, cooks and so on.

The majority of these photographs seem to have been taken during or just after World War Two, probably mostly for promotional and/or recruitment purposes. Thanks to the format of Kodachrome transparency, the colours are just about as bright now as they were then.

CWAC in Holland

CWAC in Holland

CWAC in Holland

CWAC existing plane

CWAC in Archway

CWAC beside Lion Statue

CWAC in front of Union Jack

CWAC Pte. Palmer

CWAC Pte. Palmer

CWAC platoon marching

CWAC Archery

CWAC eating in the Mess Hall

CWAC saluting

CWAC in Roman Catholic Church

Two CWAC and a U.S. Sgt. leave church in Washington, D.C.

CWAC with U.S. flag in Washington, D.C.

Three CWAC in Washington

CWAC with U.S. Servicemen

Pipe Maj. Lillian Grant, leader of CWAC Pipe Band

CWAC in Washington

CWAC with flag

CWAC Sgt. Shirley McNeill and foot pump

Sgt. Karen Hermiston, CWAC, with Speed Graphic camera from WWII

CWAC wrap for Christmas

(via Library and Archives Canada)



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