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July 18, 2014

Photos of Japanese Evacuation in San Francisco, California, 1942

Photographs show Japanese civilians evacuating areas of California and Arizona for relocation to assembly centers in California, Oregon, and Washington. Includes families preparing for evacuation; travelling to centers; registering at Wartime Civil Administration control stations. Images also depict daily activities of families at the centers; views of center facilities; federal officials and military personnel working for the relocation program.

Japanese Americans using postal service at Puyallup Assembly Center for letters and packages.

Construction crews are still on the job at Puyallup Assembly Center, though from the wash lines the evacuees are there too.

Rafters from barrack buildings make convenient extensions for a clothesline at Puyallup Assembly Center.

Transfer of the evacuees from the Assembly Centers to War Relocation Centers was conducted by the Army / Signal Corps U.S. Army.

Evacuees boarding a special train at Santa Anita (California) Assembly Center enroute to a War Relocation Center / Signal Corps U.S. Army.

San Francisco (Calif.) evacuation - a family starts for the bus that will take them from the control station to the train depot / Signal Corps U.S. Army.

San Francisco (Calif.) evacuation - Two Japanese boys, one with strip "Remember Pearl Harbor" on his hat, wave good-bye [while] awaiting the bus.

Other evacuees were transported from their residence areas to assembly centers by train / Signal Corps U.S. Army.

At work on camouflage nets at the Japanese internment camp in Santa Anita, California.

Three interned Japanese men sitting by a wooden building with the words "The Waldorf Astoria" written over the doorway.

Pinedale (Calif.) Assembly Center - Evacuees enjoying a hearty meal in Center dining hall / U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Pinedale (Calif.) Assembly Center - the attention of a dentist was part of the medical care afforded evacuees, licensed dentists amoung the evacuees performing this service / U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Pinedale (Calif.) Assembly Center - waitresses in natty blue uniforms line up before taking up their duties in the mess hall / U.S. Army Signal Corps.

A large group of Japanese American detainees at an assembly center awaiting transportation to a relocation center.

Several Japanese American women, detainees at an assembly center, washing clothes in large galvanized washtubs.

(Photos via Library of Congress)

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  1. WOW! Those pictures are amazing. Some of them almost look modern trying to look 40s 50s. So many beautiful outfits and the color saturation of the photography is amazing. What a great find!




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