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July 22, 2014

45 Black and White Photos of HMV Shop in Oxford Street, London in the 1950s

Procession in celebration of the crowning of Queen Elizabeth, 2nd 1953

Christmas 1956

Interior of store, 1958

Shop floor, 1958

Household appliance section on lower ground floor, 1950s

Left to right: Mr. Mittell, Anatole Fistoulari, Mr. L.J.brown, Mr Emery and Mr Lockwood

Exterior of store at Christmas time, 1950s

Entertainer Eddie Fisher at the launch of the 'Stage And Screen Department' 1950s

TV department, 1950s

Customers at listening posts, late 1950s

View down the spiral staircase, 1950s

1st Floor electrical appliances, late 1950s

Red Counter, 1950s

Long Playing Records display, 1950s

2nd Floor Personal export deaprtment and Classical - late 1950s

Shoppers in the specialist music department, mid 1950s

Vocal pops department, 1950s

Unknown people, 1950s

Customer using listening post, 1950s

Customers browsing, 1950s

Green counter, 1950s

Store exterior at night, 1950s

Ground floor - late 1950s

Lower ground floor electrical appliances - refrigerator demonstration, 1950s

Radio department, 1950s

Ground floor catalogue refernce area, sales counter and accounts office, late 1950s

Counter for 12 Records, 1950s

Ground floor listening posts, 1950s

New browsers, 1950s

Radio exhibition display, 1950s

E.M.I. Record Sales Training Centre - Couse Serial No21, 1950s

Ground floor Cosmopolitan Corner and Stage And Screen Departmant, mid 1950s

Cosmpolitan Corner, late 1950s

Blender demonstration, 1950s

Bowsers and listening post in store, 1950s

Central Records Information Bureau, 1950s

Customer browsing records, 1950s

Delivery van, 1950s

Listening booths, 1950s

Customers using listening booths, 1950s

Customers using listening posts, 1950s

Vinyl stockroom, 1950s

Personal recording department, 1950s

Shop floor, 1950s

TV window display, 1950s

(Images via hmv getcloser)


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