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July 27, 2014

19 Amazing Black and White Photos That Capture Daily Life in Japan in 1946

The years after World War II saw Japan as a defeated nation and the Japanese people had to improvise in many aspects of daily life...

Homeless people sleeping on floor at Ueno railroad station.

Homeless people resting in sleeping quarters of poor house.

Japanese woman awaiting weekly food ration.

Japanese police officer directing traffic.

War orphans looking through garbage cans for food.

People sitting in reading room at poor house.

Japanese boys shining shoes.

Homeless people resting in hospital ward at poor house.

Homeless family sitting on floor of Ueno railroad station.

Japanese man and wife strolling through Hibiya Park.

Homeless people sleeping on floor at Ueno railroad station.

War victims at poor house fashioning charcoal blocks.

Koreans putting on funeral parade.

Japanese families awaiting weekly food rations in front of food distribution agency.

People making envelopes in poor house.

Exterior of Tokyo City Poor House.

Homeless people sitting in reading room of poor house.

Japanese political parade.

Spectators watching political parade.

(Photos: John Florea, via LIFE archives)

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