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June 29, 2014

Photos of the Post Office in Britain During the Second World War

The General Post Office (GPO) played an important role in the Second World War, providing essential communication services to the military and public. As a result, GPO buildings were often a target for enemy bombers and many suffered significant damage. With large numbers of men serving on the front, women and juveniles filled the gaps. Other innovations included the mobile Post Office for bombed areas, and the airgraph, messages to troops sent on microfilm.

Liverpool Head Post Office after enemy air raid

Bomb damage to sorting areas, Mount Pleasant

Bomb damage to Brixton Branch Office, exterior

The roof of the reconstructed Mount Pleasant Sorting Office

The sorting area of the reconstructed Mount Pleasant Sorting Office

Mount Pleasant roof spotter

Mount Pleasant trailer pump crew

Sorting mail at Euston Station

Bomb crater outside King Edward Building

Postwoman and boy messenger

RAF personnel receive Post office training

Training WRNS at Mount Pleasant

The Post Office Savings Bank and Polish forces

Recordak automatic processing machine

Foreign transit mail hidden in France during German occupation

Posting box and stamp vending machine

Central Telegraph Office from the North East

Bomb damage to the roof of Mount Pleasant

Bomb damage inside Mount Pleasant

Bomb damage to Brixton Branch Office, interior

Mobile Post Office for bombed areas

Temporary Parcels Office, Mount Pleasant

Bomb damage to King Edward Building

Emergency Postal Headquarters North Finchley, 1945

Girl messenger and policeman

Airgraphs Division, King Edward Building

Airgraph processing at Kodak Ltd

Airgraphs being despatched

Post Office UNRRA Conference

(Photos via British Postal Museum & Archive)



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