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May 27, 2014

15 Amazing Vintage Photographs Capture Everyday Life if Italy in the Early 1930s

These are amazing vintage photos taken by Swedish photographer Berit Wallenberg that documented everyday life of Italy in 1932.

People at San Martino Church, Tarquinia, Italy

San Maurizio Church, Milan, Italy

Canal at Murano, Venice, Italy

Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Horse carriages and monuments in Rome, Italy

At Piazza della Repubblica in Foligno, Italy

Palazzo dei Capitani di Parte Guelfa, Florence, Italy

Santa Maria della Rosa in Tuscania, Italy

Palazzo della Ragione in Verona, Italy

View of Naples, Italy

Clothes lines on roofs in Rome, Italy

Basilica di Sant'Elia in Castel Sant'Elia, Italy

Church of San Matteo in Campo d'Orto in Perugia, Italy

Palazzo della Ragione in Anagni, Italy

Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice, Italy

(Photos by Berit Wallenberg, via Swedish National Heritage Board)



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