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March 2, 2014

Pictures of Rehearsals and Recording Sessions of The Beatles' 'Let It Be' in January 1969

The final Beatles album Let It Be was first released on 8th May, 1970 - just prior to the launch of the cinema film of the same name. Rehearsals and recording sessions for the album had taken place in January, 1969 - first At Twickenham Film Studios, later in the basement and on the roof of their Apple headquarters on London's Savile Row.

The idea behind the album had been to capture the group “live in the studio” without overdubs or effects but this changed when producer, Phil Spector was brought in to re-produce the tracks. The Long And Winding Road, which had been given a new musical arrangement featuring orchestra and choir, was released as a single in the US and other markets, but not the UK. It became the group’s final #1 single.

The album reached #1 for three weeks during its 59 week chart stay. In the US, the album enjoyed a four week stay at #1 during an initial chart life of 55 weeks.



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