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March 31, 2014

Anarchist Demonstration in Union Square, New York, 1914

Over 5,000 people attended the mass memorial meeting called by the Anti-Militarist League for Berg, Hanson, and Caron, the three anarchists killed in the Lexington Avenue explosion. Over 800 policemen monitored the meeting, while Berkman, Abbott, Edelsohn, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Carlo Tresca, David Sullivan and Charles Plunkett all spoke for their dead comrades. Here’s a collection of some of vintage photographs of a large anarchist rally in union Square, New York City, with Alexander Berkman addressing the crowd, on July 11, 1914.


  1. That was the most uniformly dressed (or at least uniformly behatted) anarchist horde that I've ever seen, except for the night at the Disneyland back gate as the employees began a strike.

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