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January 24, 2014

Those Aren't Pizza Boxes! Rare Photo Shows Stack of Apple 1 Computers in Steve Job’s Bedroom, 1976

Apple certainly had humble beginnings — operating out a garage and apparently a bedroom in the suburban house of the late Steve Jobs. The company’s grass roots start is epitomized in the photo below, which captures a stack of original Apple 1 computers that are ready for delivery. These now vintage computers are not being housed in some fancy warehouse, but allegedly in Steve Jobs’ bedroom right next to some drawers.

This rare photograph shows electronics giant Apple's very first computers stacked in boxes in Steve Jobs' bedroom from the very earliest days of the worlds most iconic brand. The grainy snap was taken in 1976 when Jobs, then 21, and friend Steve Wozniak built 50 basic computers in Jobs' parents' house. (via DailyMail)

According to the Daily Mail, the photo may have been taken by Steve Jobs himself in 1976 when Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were in their early 20s. On top of the drawers, you can see a monitor that was likely used to test the machines. There’s also a soldering iron and some wire on the desk in the room. It’s a wonderful look at the early days of Apple and is a reminder how something so big as Apple can start out so small.



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