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December 18, 2013

The World in Color Photographs in 1909

Using Autochrome photographic process, these stunning color photographs captured the world in 1909.

Suzanne and Andre, the daughters of Louis and Auguste Lumiere, 1909.

Ballooning exhibition in Paris, 1909.

Grand Palais Air Show in Paris, 1909.

Signor Antonio Lumiere with grandchildren, 1909.

The only color photograph of King Edward VII, in 1909.

Zodiac III airship in Bétheny, France, 1909.

Woman weaves a carpet in Algeria (Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Albert Kahn Collection), 1909.

Crew of the steamship "Sheksna" of the M.P.S., Russian Empire, 1909.

Russian Empire's ship, 1909.

House of workers in Kovzhinsky mill, 1909.

General view of Beloyarsk from the rampart, 1909.

Fire brigade in Vytegra, 1909.

General view of the city of Perm with urban slides, 1909.


  1. I'm a little offended by the title of this post. It suggests that a concentration camp was set up in Poland by Poles. That is not the case - it was set up by Germans in German occupied Poland. Therefore the correct caption should state: A child from Children Concentration Camp in German Occupied Poland, 1948. A good idea wood be not mentioning a concenctration at all since in 1948 the concentration camp was no longer in use.

  2. Some camps were in use by Russians were they were killing Poles opposed to communist rule




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