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December 18, 2013

Color Photographs Capture Daily Life in Morocco in the early 1980s

French photographer Bruno Barbey, one of the member and once the vice-president for Magnum foundation Europe, is known for his expeditions as a photographer capturing strong images across 5 major continents and numerous conflicts around the world. These amazing photographs below were taken by Barbey at different places in Morocco in 1984.

Traditional wedding. Wedding arrangers are strong enough to carry the bride wearing gold dress. 1984

Cemetery of Bab Sagma at sunset. 1984

Horsemen performing a 'fantasia' race, during a wedding. 1984

Old city (Medina). 1984

Trade fair & market. 1984

A door to door wandering barber. 1984

Coranic school. 1984

Hides being dried on hillside near the tanning quarter. 1984

Alley near the sanctuary of Moulay Idriss. 1984

Traditional form of making earthern pottery and dried to the sun. 1984

Marriage. 1984

The old and the new worlds mix in the old medina. 1984

Bride accompanied by 'naggafat', ladies who carry her shoulder level on a platter. 1984

Bali district as seen from the Merinides hillside. 1984

Tanned and tinted skins being dried near the cemetery. 1984

Tanners of Sidi Moussa. 1984

The tiled courtyard of a former palace. 1984

Candles vendor. 1984

Market selling woven carrying basket for donkeys, traditional method of hauling goods. 1984

Young brides to be,wearing capes of berber design & covered in silver ornaments. 1984

Wool dying. 1984

Begger in old town. 1984

(© Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos)



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