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December 9, 2013

Old Photos of Cars in Australia

Whether good or bad, Australia has always been an automotive nation, and now has more cars than people.

Elephants and a pony at Bridge toll bar, 3 April 1932 / photographed by Sam Hood

First "Miss Australia", Beryl Mills of WA, 1927 / photographed by Sam Hood

Amy Johnson motorcade in Sydney, 1930 / photographed by Sam Hood

Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the first cars at the toll bar, 1932

Perier family in de Dion voiturette, c.1903

Start of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, 1971

Tram and taxi smash in Pitt Street, 25/6/1937 / Sam Hood

Poppy seller pins the flower on cricketer Don Bradman's lapel outside the State Theatre, Sydney, Remembrance Day, early 1930s / photograph by Sam Hood

Mrs Rose Splatt and family celebrating the Armistice, Melbourne, 1919 / unknown photographer

A wet Angel Place, Sydney, 1930s / Sam Hood

A dray, a Ford and a Morris Oxford Roadster, both 1932 models, in summer rain, Railway Square, Sydney, Jan 1935 / by Sam Hood

Rain, Martin Place, Sydney, 1937 / by Sam Hood

Gladys Moncrieff rides a poppy-laden float, donated by Holeproof Hosiery Company, 11 Nov 1927-1930 / by Sam Hood

Coogee Pier, Sydney, between 1928-1932 / Samuel Wood

1935 Plymouth sedan, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, February 1937 / Sam Hood

Film actor Helen Twelvetrees and her 1935 Pontiac, Cinesound Studios, Sydney, 1936 / Sam Hood

Baby Austin 7, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 29 April 1937 / Sam Hood

Film actor Helen Twelvetrees and her 1935 Pontiac, Moore Park, Sydney, 1936 / Sam Hood

[Holden crosses at the] opening of the Hexham Bridge, Newcastle, 17 December 1952 / Sam Hood

Motor bus being towed to Queensland, 1929 Cadillac towtruck, Sydney, 1 December 1938 / Sam Hood

Prince of Wales, Sydney, 1920 / Sam Hood

Bugatti Type 40, belonging to R.C. Thomas, probably Parramatta, NSW, 1933 / G.A. Schofield

A sales promotion car done up as a packet of peppermint "Lifesavers", Sydney, 27 October 1934 / Sam Hood

Young boy with dinky in car workshop while his father (?) services a car, Bondi, 6 October 1955 / Ern McQuillan

Pontiac showroom, York St, Sydney, January 1940, by Sam Hood

Ford car showroom, Sydney, c. 1950, by Sam Hood

Probably Arch Tuckett's Midget speedcar with Henderson motorcycle engine, having engine work, in lane behind William Street, East Sydney/Woolloomooloo, next to C.A. Martin, decorator, late 1934 / Sam Hood

Royal Price Alfred Hospital Christmas kiss, Sydney, December 1944 / Sam Hood

Car crash, n.d. by Sam Hood

["Don't depend on luck. This driver did." Wrecked car used for NRMA advertisement], c. 1930 by Sam Hood

Humber car, Shoalhaven, ca. 1906 / photographer Cyrus S. Moss

Woman with her new Maxwell car and dog, Shoalhaven, ca. 1920 / photographer Cyrus S. Moss

Francis Birtles, his wife of less than two months, Nea, and his touring car in front of the Public Library of New South Wales, Sydney, 9 May 1935 / photographer Sam Hood

(via State Library of New South Wales)


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