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December 23, 2013

Rare Color Photographs Show Hitler and Fellow Nazis Celebrating Christmas in December, 1941

Pictures, taken by Adolf Hitler's personal photographer Hugo Jaeger, from a Christmas party thrown by Hitler for high-ranking members of the Nazi Party in December, 1941.

The images are chilling, bordering on surreal: Surrounded by fellow Nazis, Adolf Hitler presides over a Christmas party. Swastika armbands jarringly offset the glint of ornaments and tinsel; candles illuminate the festive scene.

Adolf Hitler (center) sits with Heinrich Himmler to his left, who was the commanding officer of the Nazi secret police.

Hitler (center left) appears ill at ease at the Christmas party

and is rumored to have not trusted his advisors.

Group of underlings have a similarly stiff attitude at the Christmas party held on December 18, 1941 at a Munich beer house.

Though they were in a beer hall, their best behaviour was required at the Christmas party and it is clear that they were not going to let loose.

Scene from a Christmas party attended by Adolf Hitler and other Nazis.

(Photos: Hugo Jaeger—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

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