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November 23, 2013

Old Photographs of Accidents in the Past

The destroyed car of prince Bernhard after he hit a truck loaded with sand on the Muiderstraatweg in November 29, 1937.

Car accidents. Collision of two cars. The Netherlands, location unknown. Before 1914.

Car racing accident on the Grunewald racing track in Berlin. The car is tilted back in the background while the injured driver is carried away, Berlin 1921.

[Staged] fall during the six-cycling on the velodrome of Madison Square, New York, United States of America, 1913.

Car racing. As if shot by a catapult, the American driver Cassidy flies through the air, followed by the cushion of his cockpit. Badly bruised, the driver ended up in the hospital. Washington 1936.

Bystanders by an upended car after it hit the water. Netherlands [1930-1940].

The driver of this car on fire managed to drive into the sea and jump out of the car, England, 1926.

Bent rails on the railroad bridge over the Delaware River after the bridge had been burned. United States of America, 1935.

Tilted sulfuric acid tank at a railway accident in Breda, Netherlands, 1910.

Railway accident. Steam locomotive. Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1912.

This hoisted truck is of great public interest in Port Kuipers Dordrecht. Netherlands, Dordrecht, 1922.

Little boys play after a traffic accident with two trapauto and a tricycle. Netherlands, 1935.

Car accident. Wreck of a car that hit a tree. Den Deyl, The Netherlands, may 16, year unknown.

Motorcycle racing accident. The bike is upright in the sand while the rider still flies through the air. England, 1935.

Fall at a trotting race in Toronto, Canada, 1935.

Fallen horse and jockey.

Girl fell off her bike on a slippery road (ice). Netherlands, Haarlem, December 11, 1952.

Traffic accident in Buffalo, New York State, USA, 1929. The car drove at full speed behind a truck with a cargo timber moving through the board.


  1. I like the van. Not too thrilled by the color scheme. If it doesn't bother the Irish we shouldn't insist they be bothered as we are.
    Ireland went to great lengths to maintain their Neutrality through the Second World War; far more than most realize.

  2. Guillaume de la CroixNovember 24, 2013 at 6:42 PM


    You'll find a other pic of that subway fire here!




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