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October 2, 2013

Rare Pictures of Behind the Scenes From "Return Of The Jedi", 1983

New book The Making Of Return Of The Jedi takes us behind the scenes of the classic three-quel.

Harrison Ford chats with George Lucas between setups.

Phil Tippett and Stewart Freeborn pose before their joint collaboration: a menagerie of wonderful monsters.

Mark Hamill is filmed during Luke’s moment of choice: Will he commit patricide or become a true Jedi and show compassion for his father?

George Lucas and Richard Marquand on the Emperor’s throne room set at Elstree during principal photography.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill on location in California’s Buttercup Valley aboard Jabba’s barge, April 1982.

Ian McDiarmid in his complete Emperor’s makeup, which covered only the front two-thirds of his head. The cowl always covered the back of his head.

Ewoks seize the clapperboard on May 17, 1982, during second unit work near Crescent City.

Harrison Ford relaxes on a plank, with Richard Marquand and Mark Hamill close by.

(via BuzzFeed)



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