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September 10, 2013

Photos of John Lennon as Superman for ‘The Penguin John Lennon’ (1965)

Even though Clark Kent is the epitome of the great American hero, he is still an alien as Kal-El. He adopted the United States as his home, and the U.S. adopted him as one of their own. The same can be said for John Lennon. The lad from Liverpool chose to spend his years after the Beatles in the United States, New York City in particular.

Despite efforts under the Nixon administration to have him deported, John fought for his green card, and was granted U.S. citizenship the day his son Sean was born. John used his fame to help numerous causes over the years, whether it was the anti-war movement, freeing John Sinclair from unfair imprisonment, or a benefit concert for Willowbrook School. He became the working class hero he sang about on “Plastic Ono Band.”

So, without further ado, here are your gratuitous John Lennon 1965 Superman beefcake shots. They are from ‘The Penguin John Lennon’, 1973 edition. ‘The Penguin John Lennon’ gathers together in one volume John Lennon‘s two humorous prose works ‘John Lennon In His Own Write’ (from 1964), and ‘A Spaniard in the Works’ (from 1965), plus some great original line drawings by John.


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