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September 29, 2013

Fashion Models and Styles From the 1930s

Model Jean Early poses on the staircase at a 1934 summer fashion show while completely decked out in an elegant suit with a fur cape and hat.

Model Mardee Hoff, selected for having the most perfect figure in America at the time, poses in short shorts in 1935.

There was no Victoria's Secret yet, but that didn't stop models from showing up half-naked at a Brassiere Fashion Show in 1933.

Apparently plunging necklines were always a staple in fashion! This model showcases an elegant evening dress with a Victoria Nyanza cape in 1938.

No skimpy two-pieces here! Models in 1939 show off the swimsuit style of the day (l.), while three models each display different looks in 1938 (r.).

Feathers are typically Lady Gaga's thing, but model Mrs. George Harris rocked the look first in 1932 with a feather cape over her black velvet evening gown at a society fashion show.

We thought models liked to show off their beautiful faces, but apparently in 1941 the folding bonnet was all the rage.

Though wearing fur today is a bit of a taboo, back in the 1930s it was extremely common. Here, a model wears a white Russian ermine cape with a sable collar in a fur fashion show at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 1935.

While the backless white swimsuit modeled by Alice Lorraine (r.) in 1935 was probably considered risque at the time, the hula-hula suit worn by Rose Walker (l.) is another story!

Tres chic! A woman models an over the top red velvet ensemble during a fashion show in 1933.

Bathing suits were definitely more conservative back in 1935! Here, model Priscilla Lawson stands pretty in a rubber swimsuit.

1930s shoes are definitely back in style, with tons of ladies rocking similar kicks today. Here, models show off blue kid tongued pumps, brown kid oxfords and multi-colored evening sandals.

The catwalk hasn't changed much in over 75 years. Here, a model walks the runway at a 1935 society fashion show.

1930s glam! Diane Beauchamp wears a white satin wedding gown in a fashion show in 1935 (l.), while Gilda Farrell models a gray chiffon night dress in 1933 (r.).

Shoes galore! A model sits behind a stylish display of boots in 1934.

Well-known fashion model Sandy Goodwin, who posed for the entrance plaques at Radio City, hams it up for photographers in 1932.

A model wears a navy plaid silk bonnet during a 1935 fashion show ... now if only she'd wear a smile!

Today's fashion shows are saved for clothing, but back in 1933 models showcased footwear at the Shoe Fashion Show at Hotel Astor in New York.

Blondes have more fun! Evelyn Fox (l.) and Bertha Peterson (r.) model crowns in their fair hair in 1933.

Ahoy matey! Model Diane Beauchamp wears a sailor-inspired white pique dress at a 1935 fashion show (l.), while a 1933 model goes for a darker look in a sequin-trimmed dress in 1933 (r.).

This supermodel looks like Superwoman! Ruth Dodd models a Nantucket one-piece with a detachable skirt at a bathing suit show in 1933.

Model Mona Mora (l.) wears a gray woolen coat dress with a removable sailor collar, and Lee Sherman (r.) wears a bright green tweed fall suit with a matching gray krimmer fur high crown fabric hat at a 1933 fashion show at Hotel Pennsylvania.

Two models cover up in fashionable women's suits at a 1933 show.

That's some interesting headwear! Two models wear hats with embroidered veils at a 1937 fashion show.

Looking very severe, a model shows off a distinctly 1930s hairstyle with curls above the eye and her hair pulled tightly back.

(via The New York Daily News)



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