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August 28, 2013

Fascinating Black and White Photographs Capture Street Scenes of New York City in the 1960s and 1970s

Absolutely stunning photos of Paul McDonagh made them at the turn of the careless and well-sixties with violent and restless seventies. Very interesting time. Just a few years, but the world and the people in it are completely transformed.

You look at these photos and you realize that since New York City has changed, people have changed, times have changed, but the atmosphere is one of the craziest cities in the world will not go away. And even though the court is no longer the '70s, but it seems that people and situations, as in these photos, can be found on any given day, you just simply walk around the streets of New York.

Blind Man, Old Woman, Hari Krishnas, NYC, 1972

Central Park Pond - Kids in Tree, 1973

Priest with Dark Glasses, NYC, 1970

Couple, Central Park Cafe, 1973

Children with Bookbag, NYC, 1968

Two Women in White Shorts, 1973

Woman in Steam, NYC, 1969

Women in Fur Coats, 1974

Hari Krishna and Blind Man, 1973

Pregnant Woman Crossing 85th Street, NYC, 1969

Portrait of a Man in Hat, NYC, 1969

Three Car Salesmen, 1973

Girl and Woman Touching Horses, 1973

Central Park, Couple Kissing, NYC, 1972

Central Park, Couple with Baby in Newspaper, 1973

Couple Kissing on Street Corner, 1973

Bryant Park Concert, NYC, 1970

Asian Girl with Hand to Hair, NYC, 1968

Men and Woman on Crutches, 1973

Woman in Wheelchair, NYC, 1969

Two Men Stand on the Pipes Watching Parade, 1975

Street Corner, East Side, Man with Shopping Bag, 1973

The Roman Room at the Met, 1973

Couple and Pilgrim Statue, 1973

Central Park, Girl With White Boots, NYC, 1971

Central Park, Girl with Nanny and Doll, NYC, 1972

Central Park, Boy on Band Shell, 1973 

Girl and Woman with Dog Crossing Street, 1973

Couple in Central Park, 1969

Three Musicians, 1978

Portrait of Woman with Hat, NYC, 1968

5th Avenue Parade, Group of Men and Boy, NYC, 1969

Portrait of Man Looking Up, NYC, 1968

Man with Cigar, NYC, 1969

Central Park, Spring, NYC, 1972

Central Park, Group with Frisbee and Pup, NYC, 1969

Kids with Cat, NYC, 1969

Portrait of Man with Sideburns, NYC, 1968

Women Holding Hands, NYC, 1970

Two Business Men Crossing Street, NYC, 1970



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