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August 15, 2013

Rare Photos of a Young Marilyn Monroe on the Set of the 1948 Comedy "Sitting Pretty"

Here's a collection of rare photos of a young Marilyn Monroe in 1948, when she was just 21, with another then-aspiring actress, Laurette Luez, and Hollywood veteran Clifton Webb on the set of a comedy called Sitting Pretty.

Neither Marilyn nor Luez were in that movie. But Luez was under contract to Twentieth Century Fox — the studio that released Sitting Pretty — and Marilyn had once been under contract to Fox, and eventually would be again, so the presence of the two women on the set, whether as young actresses looking for pointers, or for publicity purposes — isn’t all that surprising. In fact, as Marilyn and Laurette Luez change seats at one point, it’s highly unlikely that these are purely impromptu shots of the trio.

(Photos: Loomis Dean—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

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  1. I enjoy your photos so much, so fun to see them and the furnishings and clothes, so cool, always a fun read and a vision for the eyes...Phyllis




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