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August 8, 2013

20 Interesting Photos of Celebrities as Children and Teenagers

The braces, the bad haircuts, the embarrassing glasses; you name it, they had it. How many of these celebrities do you recognize as kids?

Madonna Aged 7

Lady Gaga Aged 8

Angelina Jolie Aged 11

George Clooney Aged 15

Clint Eastwood Aged 26

Stephen Colbert Aged 22

Britney Spears Aged 11

Charlize Theron Aged 14

Sean Connery Aged 23

Amy Winehouse Aged 8

Ryan Seacrest Aged 13

Beyonce Aged 7

Jamie Foxx Aged 17

Eminem Aged 12

Bruce Willis Aged 22

Goldie Hawn Aged 19

Steve Jobs Aged 18

Drew Carrey Aged 22

Helen Mirren Aged 25



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