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August 10, 2013

Beautiful Vintage Photos of Models and Classic Cars From the 1950s

For as long as we can all remember two of man's favorite things have been cars and girls. Put them together and you have a guy's dream come true.

Jessica Ford and Chrysler convertibles, photo by John Rawlings, 1957

Mary McLaughlin an Chrysler Le Baron, photo by John Rawlings, Vogue, October 1959

Anne St. Marie and 1957-58 Chrysler Imperial convertible, photo by John Rawlings, Vogue, November 1957

Wenda Parkinson and 1907 Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce, Vogue, April 1950

Simone d'Aillencourt and the MG, photo by Georges Dambier, Paris, ELLE, 1957

ancy Berg, photo by Blumenfeld, 1954

Mamie van Doren washing her Jaguar, photo by Loomis Dean, Los Angeles, 1954

Georgia Hamilton and Sunny Harnett in Cadillac advertisement, photo by Erwin Blumenfeld, New York, 1954

Lissy Scharper, New York, photographed for Stern, July 1960

Gitta Schilling, French Vogue, August 1959

Model and 1947 Delahaye automobile against background of the Eiffel Tower, photo by Tony Linck, 1947

Fiat Spider 1500, with shapely and sexy young woman in bathing suit, 1965


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