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July 11, 2013

Old Photos of Markets in London in the Early 20th Century

Markets in London have their origins in the middle ages and ancient charter; set up to serve the population of the City of London. Over time, some emerged as wholesale markets serving specific market segments — such as the sale of vegetables, meat, or fish. With an expanding metropolis in the 18th and 19th centuries, street markets were set up to meet the needs of the new suburbs. With the introduction of trams on the streets of London, these were moved (sometimes forcibly) into neighbouring side streets, or new covered markets.

Below are some amazing vintage photos that show everyday life in London's markets from the 1900s to the 1930s.

Billingsgate Market, c.1910

Billingsgate Market, c.1910

Clare Market c.1900

Caledonian Rd Market, c.1910

Book sale at Caledonian Rd Market, c.1910

Covent Garden Market, c.1920

Covent Garden Market, 1925

Covent Garden Market, Floral Hall, c.1910

Leadenhall Market, Christmas 1935

East St Market, c.1910

Caledonian Rd Market, c.1910

Caledonian Rd Market, c.1910

Leadenhall Market, c.1910

Porters at Smithfield Market, c.1910

Whitechapel Hay Market c.1920 (looking towards Aldgate)

Whitechapel Hay Market, c.1920 (looking east towards Whitechapel)

Leather Lane Market, 1936

Covent Garden Market, c.1910

Hoxton Market, Shoreditch, 1910

Covent Garden, c.1910

Spitalfields Market, c.1930

(Images courtesy Bishopsgate Institute, via Spitalfields Life)


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