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June 25, 2013

Old Photos of Iceland in The Early 20th Century

A crowd at the cornerstone laying of "Vífilsstaðaspítala" [?], May 31, 1909.

Children playing on the ice, 1910-1915.

Bakers with pastries at a hotel in Kirkjustraeti, 1910-1920.

Workers laying out fish to dry, c. 1910.

Geyser, 1900-1920.

A group of men resting at a mountain lake, 1910-1920.

A train at the harbour in Reykjavik, 1913-1917.


A horse pulling a sled of ice blocks, 1909-1916.

Men in costumes for the Parliament festival, 1930.

A horse and card on a bridge (Google translate just gave me nonsense with the actual caption), c. 1910.

Ships in port, 1917-18.

A sheep in front of a sod barn, 1902.

Buildings in Akranes--the building in the centre was the first shop in the town, c. 1900.

(via The Reykjavík Museum of Photography)

1 comment:

  1. The picture of "A horse and card on a bridge, c. 1910." reads "By the Elliðaá (Elliðariver) in Reykjavík". Elliðaá is a river that runs in Reykjavík, in the capital.




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