June 1, 2013

A Collection of 15 Vintage Photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Cars

To speak of Marilyn Monroe is to speak of an actress, an icon and even an industry. The fascination with the most famous “blonde” in Hollywood history moves money around its many facets. Although of all of them, one of the most unknown is related to her passion for cars.

Norma Jeane, early 1940s

Norma Jeane, c.1942

Norma Jeane taking part in in an event sponsored by Darrin Kaiser Frazer cars, 1946.

Marilyn and Joe Kirkwood

Marilyn and a Pontiac, 1950

Marilyn and Cary Grant in Monkey Business

Marilyn and a Singer, 1953

Marilyn in 1953

Cadillac that was given to her after her appearance in the Jack Benny Show in 1953, this photo is from 1954.

Marilyn in a Black Thunderbird

Marilyn in a Black Thunderbird

Marilyn in a Land Rover

Marilyn in 1961

Marilyn in 1962

Marilyn in 1962


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