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May 29, 2013

Shorts Causing Chaos: First Women to Wear Shorts in Public Caused a Car Crash, Toronto, 1937

Is this news real or a hoax!

Circulating news: In 1937 two young women wore shorts in the public for the first time, they drew a huge amount of male attention and even caused a car accident!

Photo #1: Women in shorts cause car to “crash” into pole, 1937. It may be considered as a ironic caption!

Photo #2:

Photo #3: Women in shorts being stared at by men outside department store, 1937

Photo #4: Window shopping at Simpsons department store, 1937

Photo #5: Window shopping at Eaton’s department store, 1937 (Toronto, Canada)

The photos are claimed to be taken by the Alexandra Studio of Toronto, Canada in 1937.

The story circulating “girls with shorts for the first caused a car accident” is a fake meme or ironic caption!

1. Photo #1: The girls yet not crossed the line on the floor, and the men are looking at them with wonder!!

2. Photo #2: Girls just crossed the line on the floor, and the men and horse-cart disappeared! Less than 2 seconds, 8 men, a bike and a horse cart disappeared!? Only great illusionist like Harry Houdini or David Copperfield can do that magic!

3. Photo #3: Watch the man going against the fire hydrant!?

4. Notice in the three photos the same car with the number plate: 307!

5. The fact that the photographer Louis J. Turofsky could do this magic because:
  • The girls are models!?
  • It was a photo session for a fashion magazine!?
Those two young girls in shorts, in-fact didn’t cause any car accident!



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