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May 2, 2013

Pictures of European Nurses During World War I

The history of nursing is also the history of war, for times of war have seen the major advances and achievements of nursing.

During WWI, nurses did not serve at the advanced dressing stations on the front lines. (Women nurses were not allowed on the front line back then.) They did however serve at the field hospitals (just behind the front), evacuation hospitals and base hospitals. A few have died as a result of enemy actions during WW, and many of them died in the line of duty because of the influenza epidemic of 1918. Many women won awards for their contributions and this gallery is a little tribute to them.

Alice Henriette Smolensky Weiss was nurse at the Red Cross during the war in Trieste where she was born.

aul Lernau, an ENT physician, was appointed director of a hospital in Glogau, Schlesia (today Glogow, Poland) for sick and injured German soldiers during WW1. I have three (family) photographs of the staff and patients of this hospital.

Doctors and staff in a patients' room. Paul stands in the middle with the same 6 nurses around him.


Photo of Rose Cassidy, an Irish staff nurse in the Queen Alexandra military corps and colleagues.

Group photograph of the MacDougald family, and nursing photograph sent home by Louisa Greamy.

(via Europeana)


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