May 30, 2013

Black and White Photos of Hollywood Pinups in 1950 Taken by Ed Clark

These photos show Hollywood stars taken by photographer Ed Clark in 1950.

Peggy Castle in bunny ears, 1950

Leslye Banning, 1950

Leslye Banning, 1950

Joyce Holden as an artist, 1950

Joyce Holden, 1950

Lucille Barkely as a witch, 1950

Peggy Castle in bikini, boots and six-gun holster, 1950

Peggy Castle as Cupid, 1950

Lucille Barkely, 1950

Susan Cabot, 1950

Susan Cabot, 1950

Peggy Castle, 1950

Susan Cabot, holding a salad bowl aloft, 1950

Yvonne De Carlo, 1950

(Photos by Ed Clark—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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