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May 9, 2013

50-Year-Old Photographs Get Transformed Into Goofy Animated GIFs

In the daytime Cari Vander Yacht works as a designer, but at night, she gets busy with experimental projects that would rightly make her an artist. She put together this amusing, surreal GIF photo-series which she aptly called, TGIMGIF (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format).

"At a certain point, one must justify their creepy acquisition of other people’s pasts," Vander Yacht told Co.Design. "Either you make up stories about how you’re related to the people in the pictures or you animate them."

Once she decided on a winsome tableau, the rest was easy: making scans, then animating them frame by frame on the computer. In doing so, she lends new visual interest to banal images that arguably shouldn’t have been saved in the first place. "I’d make piles of the ones I thought were funny or had a possibility of funny," Vander Yacht said, "and then I’d take them home and stare at them until they told me how they should be animated. This mostly manifested as me laughing goofily to myself staring at someone else’s photo."

Her solitary rule is to use only the elements already in the photo: "[They] didn’t really need anything else in them."

(via Co.Design)

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  1. This could easily be my history ...banal, horrible, yet hysterical..I love these!




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