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April 17, 2013

Funny Vintage Soviet Anti-Spy Posters From the 1950s

Although the peak of fighting “foreign mercenaries” was in the 1930s. Flourishing Soviet anti-spy poster falls on the first post-war decade and a half. It was during this period, were created the most famous examples of which have become classics of the genre.

1954, Ivanov K. "In a letter home, look, you do not accidentally become loose military secrets"

1954, Koretsky V. "Shout - helping the enemy"

1958 Miracles J. "Do not talk! Strictly keep the military and state secrets"

1954, Ivanov K. Briskin V. "Gossip, gossip - the hands of the enemy"

1952 Intezarov A., N. Sokolov, "Strictly keep the military and state secrets"

1953, "Vigilance - our weapons"

1951, "Be watchful and vigilant!"

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  1. Uma boa idéia para decorar a sua casa, segui-lo a partir do Kitesurf Brasil equipe

    Muito obrigado.




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