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March 13, 2013

17 Color Photographs of the Anschluss in 1938

The Anschluss also known as the Anschluss Österreichs, was the occupation and annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany in 1938. It was the culmination of the anschluss movement that had called for unification since 1918.

Austria was annexed into the German Third Reich on March 12, 1938. There had been several years of pressure by supporters in both Austria and Germany (by both Nazis and non-Nazis) for the "Heim ins Reich" movement. Earlier, Nazi Germany had provided support for the Austrian National Socialist Party (Austrian Nazi Party) in its bid to seize power from Austria's Austrofascist leadership.

Devoted to remaining independent but under considerable pressure from both Austrian and German Nazis, Austria's Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg tried to hold a referendum for a vote on the issue. Although Schuschnigg expected Austria to vote in favour of maintaining autonomy, a well-planned coup d'état by the Austrian Nazi Party of Austria's state institutions in Vienna took place on 11 March 1938, prior to the referendum, which they canceled.

Here are some color photos of the Anschluss from 75 years ago.


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