February 13, 2013

Wonderful Color Photographs of the Toronto Pop Festival, June 1969

To say another "lost" festival of the summer of 1969 gets old, but, yes, the Toronto Pop Festival (as opposed to the Toronto Rock and Roll Festival later the same year) is another of the 1969 festivals few have heard of.

The Toronto Pop Festival was held on June 2st and 22nd in 1969 at the Varsity Stadium, a few months before Woodstock. Tickets were $6 a day or $10 for both days. Bands such as Blood Sweat and Tears, Sly and The Family Stone, Dr John, Rotary Connection, Steppenwolf and The Velvet Underground played at weekend event.

These great photos of the audience and acts were taken on the Saturday afternoon. The Artists pictured here include Chuck Berry with a friend, Ronnie Hawkins in a purple suit, Soulster Edwin Starr with his white suited backing band, Blue man Slim Harpo, Procol Harum and Motherlode with their cool beret wearing keyboard player.

(Toronto Pop Festival, June 1969, via VoEA)


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