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February 6, 2013

"The Irish Jaunting Car" - 1860s Carte de Visite Photograph

The photograph was taken sometime in the 1860s by James Magill of Donegall Place in Belfast.

The subject of this original antique photograph is the famous “Irish Jaunting Car” of verse and song. The photo was taken in front of a brick livery stable. If you look at the window on the far right, you can see a man in a white shirt. What appears to be a horse collar is hanging up behind him.

The detail of the photograph is exceptional, showing not only the construction of the jaunting car, but also the fashions of the day, as well as the construction of the brick livery stable. You can even see where a pane of glass over the door has been broken out.

The horse seems to be a fairly good one and appears to be well cared for at first glance, as his coat is shiney. However, when the image is viewed on the largest size, what appear to be scars from old injuries cover his legs. The wonderful detail of his collar and harness is also visible on the largest size.

It is evident that the man holding the horse moved slightly when the picture was taken, for his face is blurred; however, the features of everyone else in the photograph are clear and expressive. The dapper driver appears to be quite the character. By the way, the driver of a jaunting car was known as a “jarvey.” (Mark that down in case you ever get on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”)

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