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January 17, 2013

Soviet Child Care Posters, 1930

Educational posters produced by the Soviet Ministry of Public Health in 1930.

I'm bored at home; I'm happy in the creche!

Preparation of juice from raw fruits

Correct carrying of a 3 month old baby...

Weight and height of children from birth to two years old

Weigh your child every week

Every year thousands of children lose their eyesight due to small objects getting stuck in the nose, ears, and throat

How to feed a child when the mother has a cough and cold; don't allow strangers to kiss or touch your child

Bathing the eye; cleaning the nose


Preparing juice from raw vegetables

The vitamin content of food products Fat, Milk, Cheese, and Eggs

The vitamin content of food products Bread and Cereals

The vitamin content of food products Vegetables

The vitamin content of food products Fruits and Berries

Protect your child and food from flies

The proper way to cut a child's fingernails

(via LSE Library)


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