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January 1, 2013

Funny Vintage Photos of Celebrities Eating

Although they are stars, they also have normal moments in everyday life. Here below is a funny collection of vintage photos that shows celebrities eating.

Joanne Woodward eating someth...sorry, too distracted by Paul Newman's face, 1958

Mia Farrow getting a grip on her ice cream cone, 1977.

Frank Sinatra putting moves on a doughnut. In his trailer during a break in filming, circa 1950.

Debbie Reynolds enjoying an ice cream sundae. Circa 1965.

Elvis Presley eating a sandwich. Memphis, Tennessee, 1958.

Elizabeth Taylor eating a hamburger on a fence. Circa 1949.

Elton John dining al fresco with his cat. At Caribou Ranch, Colorado,1974.

The Rolling Stones having dinner. At the Savoy Hotel in London on September 11th, 1964.

Judy Garland frying chicken. Circa 1955.

Marilyn Monroe ignoring her dessert. At a banquet table during a Photoplay Gold Medal Awards dinner, 1953.

Sophia Loren cooking, 1965.

Vincent Price murdering a piece of meat.At Thames TV studios in London, 1970.

Audrey Hepburn & Gary Cooper sharing a picnic. On the Paris set of the film 'Love in the Afternoon', 1956.

Andy Warhol starting the day with cereal. With his mother Julia, 1964.

Sally Field eating watermelon on a surfboard. For the television series 'Gidget,' 1965.

Joan Crawford carving a turkey. For a publicity shot,1930.

George Harrison having breakfast. Stockholm airport, 1963.

Frank Sinatra & Mia Farrow cutting the cake, Las Vegas, 1966.

Marlon Brando having fun with an apple. During a break on the set of 'A Streetcar Named Desire,' 1951.

Goldie Hawn contemplating a hamburger. At a restaurant in Washington, DC, 1964

Marlene Dietrich eating lunch. At the Paramount commisary, 1938.

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. sophia loren is cooking, all right. but where .. ? in a prison shower ?




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