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December 29, 2012

Old Photos of Madison Square Garden II From Between the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

A look inside the second Madison Square Garden (also known as Madison Square Garden II), which existed at the northeast corner of Madison Square from 1890 to 1925 (at which point it was demolished).

Interior of Madison Square Garden, taking down the stage. June 11, 1921

Did we mention the roof garden. Here it is, circa 1900

A 1918 exhibit housed inside Madison Square Garden

Bicycle Show, 1896

Dog show, 1897

circa 1895

The old lobby, in 1925

Another view of the lobby

 Interior of Madison Square Garden circus. April 30, 1921

Sarah Bernhardt as the Duke of Reichstadt and Mr. Decoeur as Flambeau on the set of 'L'Aiglon' by Edmond Rostrand, presented at MSG, 1900

Advertising show, 1906

Horse show, 1899

(Photos: MCNY)


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