December 11, 2012

John Lennon's Word Association List

In 1976, a young man sent John Lennon six pages of interview questions in the post. Lennon responded. Below is question No.9 — a list of names/things, each of which Lennon was asked to describe in a single word.

Interestingly, Howard "Ham" Cosell would announce the death of Lennon to millions of Americans four years later.

Transcript follows.

Transcript9. Today, how do you associate to the following, described in one word?
New York: great
Elvis: fat
Ringo: friend
Yoko: love
Howard Cosell: ham
George: lost
Bootlegs: good
Elton: nice
Paul: extraordinary
Bowie: thin
M.B.E: shit
John: great

(Image courtesy of Bonhams)


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