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October 7, 2012

Interesting Vintage Photographs of Girls in Wooden Bathing Suits From the 1920s

Swimming hasn't always been the easiest of pursuits for some people. It can be daunting for the untrained, especially when it comes to swimwear fashion. However in the late 1920s several new innovations popped up to assist those less comfortable in the water.

Introducing the wooden bathing suits, designed out of Washington USA, which were bathing suits made out of a spruce wood to create a floating affect for the less skilled swimmers of the time, not to mention that the lumber industry liked the free marketing.

Germany had a similar innovation in the mid 1920's, but instead they wrapped themselves in bicycle tyres which were designed as a flotation device.

Both inventions were short lived as they ended up becoming quite unflattering for most.

These interesting photographs captured "Spruce Girls" on beach wearing spruce wood veneer bathing suits during "Wood Week" to promote products of the Gray Harbor lumber industry, Hoquiam, Washington, ca. 1929.


  1. Does anyone know where the watercolor of the Spruce Girls can be purchased? My Nana, Elinore Eddy, is in the picture and we would love to purchase copies of the painting.

  2. Nice Bathing Suits! Thank you for the good ideas! Love the color choices,and everything.




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