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October 26, 2012

18 Amazing Color Photos of Japan in 1886 Taken by Adolfo Farsari

Adolfo Farsari (1841-1898) was an Italian photographer based in Yokohama, Japan. Following a brief military career, including service in the American Civil War, he became a successful entrepreneur and commercial photographer. His photographic work was highly regarded, particularly his hand-coloured portraits and landscapes, which he sold mostly to foreign residents and visitors to the country.

Farsari's images were widely distributed, presented or mentioned in books and periodicals, and sometimes recreated by artists in other media; they shaped foreign perceptions of the people and places of Japan and to some degree affected how Japanese saw themselves and their country. His studio, the last notable foreign-owned studio in Japan, was one of the country's largest and most prolific commercial photographic firms. Largely due to Farsari's exacting technical standards and his entrepreneurial abilities it had a significant influence on the development of photography in Japan.

Here's a collection of some of his amazing color photographs of Japan in 1886.


  1. As expected, outdoor umbrellas were pretty common even back then. Just about the only difference with today is the material and variety.

  2. Exactly! Outdoor umbrellas are so pretty...and I love all those Old Colour Photos of Japan...Higher Education Photography

  3. You will find there's great deal of change between capturing of individuals, areas or perhaps however life. Each environment is unique with regard to these types of and a minor transform in lighting might make or perhaps wreck the particular photography.




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