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October 4, 2012

Funny Vintage Photos of People Taking Naps

Sometimes, you just need a nap—no matter where you are. Here are some funny vintage photos of people taking naps.

1857: Napping while fishing has always been a relaxing pastime.

1896: Short people got no reason to ask for extra-long beds, but Randy Newman will never write a song about that.

1908: Italian drivers sleeping in their carts in Rome.

1901: How can they sleep when there are kittens on the couch?

1938: Sleeping with the fishes at the fish market in Baltimore, Maryland.

1888: Is that a beard, or the fur on his animal skin sleeping bag?

1907: This chaperone is not very good at her job.

1890: This gives mattresses as hard as concrete a whole new meaning.

1943: This soldier hopped in the luggage rack on a Greyhound Bus to catch some Zs.

1894: Well, at least the dog is posing.

1924: Baseball was the Justin Bieber of the 1920s—at least for these Giants and Senators fans, who got in line the night before Game 1 of the World Series to get tickets. 

1860: That can’t be comfortable.

1894: Clearly, that book just wasn’t very interesting. 

1937: If there’s a better place to take a nap than on the assembly line of auto seats in a Flint, Michigan-based body plant, I don’t know what it is.

1904: Being a card shark is hard work.

1901: This horse is ready to go. His owner, a soldier in the Boer War…not so much.

1930s: Long before mariachi bands and hip-hop dancers took over, the Sixth Avenue subway was a great place to close your eyes.

1950: This Parisian man is filled with enough ennui that he must close his eyes and nap.

1940s: During the London Blitz, every available surface was used for sleeping—even the escalators.

1943: Gloucester, Massachusetts fishermen pass out on the deck.

1940: Tomorrow, this steamfitter—who just drove a great distance for work—will go look for a place after he’s put in a full day.

1900: This little girl knew that if you can’t nap on a dog, you’d better take the next best thing—your family’s wolfskin rug.


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