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October 11, 2012

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes From Between the 1900s and 1950s

When we traditionally think of Halloween we think of it in modern terms, scream masks or slasher movies. For this Halloween, we though it would be cool to look back, way back in history to the 1900s and then forward to the 1950s to see what Halloween meant at that time.

Children dressed as Indians, 1900

Costume party, 1890

Boy Dressed as Clown, 1905

Boys dressed as US army and Indians, 1905

A family celebrates Halloween in the garden with homemade masks, 1905

Children wearing homemade masks, 1905

A Halloween party, 1905

Adults in creepy masks, 1905

Office workers, 1905

Girl in costume, 1905

Friends celebrate Halloween, 1920

Halloween outfits, 1920

Ivy hall Halloween party, 1920

Wheeler hot springs Halloween, 1920

Halloween Costume Party at Gates’ Rooftop Garden, Denver Co., 1920

Barrows family Halloween, Chicago Halloween 1920

School Play for Halloween, 1930

Halloween Costumes, Buenos Aires Argentina, 1930

Halloween party at the Hotel Allerton, Chicago, 1934

Wesson Teebagi and Nusray Hadayia holding squashes decorated with faces, 1938

Creepy 3 pigs, 1939

Acting troop on Halloween – The ink paint beggars, 1939

Kids enjoying a Halloween party, 1948

Kids Trick or treating, 1948

Children Trick or treating, 1950

Kids gather for trick or treating, 1950

Children Trick or treating, 1950

Boy in Indian costume on bike, 1950

Kids with Mighty Mouse and cowboy outfits, 1951

Kids in a Halloween performance, 1951

Girl with Trick or treat bag, 1954

Kid in superman outfit, 1954

Teenager in Frankenstein outfit, 1956

Children in witches outfits, 1956

Teen dressed as a werewolf, 1957

Kids lined up wearing outfits, 1958

School for the deaf Kansas Halloween dance, 1958

Teens dressed up with friends, 1958



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