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October 22, 2012

38 Awesome Behind the Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

Here's a gallery of 38 awesome behind the scenes photos from the sets of your favorite monster movies. See what both the real Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein looked like when the cameras stop rolling, along with many other monsters from film. Extra-terrestrial monsters range from E.T. to the alien from Alien. Check out a young Leonardo DiCaprio hanging out on the set of Creepers 3 and many other notable horror film actors as well.

1. Johnny Depp smoking a blunt and holding a super-soaker on the set of “Sleepy Hollow”

2. Hannibal Lector eating a french fry.

3. The twin girls on the set of “The Shining”

4. “The Birds”

5. Nick Castle as Michael Myers

6. “Silence Of The Lambs”

7. Pennywise getting his makeup done on the set of “It”

8. Alfred Hitchcock grabs Janet Leigh’s face on the set of “Psycho”

9. “Carrie”

10. Special effects artist, Tony Pantanella, gets a zombie ready on “Night Of The Living Dead”

11. Freddy chillin’ with his walkman on the set of “Nightmare On Elm Street”

12. 1941’s “The Wolfman”

13. “The Exorcist”

14. “Saw”

15. “The Shining”

16. Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”

17. “Rosemary’s Baby”

18. “Halloween”

19. “The Shining”

20. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”

21. “Child’s Play”

22. “Gremlins”

23. Freddy Krueger stretching his face.

24. “Pet Sematary”

25. “Frankenstein”

26. Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of “Critters 3”

27. “The Omen”

28. Wes Craven shows Drew Barrymore a butcher knife on the set of “Scream”

29. Taking a break on the set of “Aliens”

30. “Jaws”

31. “The Fly”

32. Drew Barrymore gets bloodied up during the filming of “Scream”

33. Pennywise chillin’ on a porch.

34. “King Kong vs. Godzilla”

35. “Young Frankenstein”

36. “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

37. “The Gate”

38. Steven Spielberg in the jaws of “Jaws”

(via BuzzFeed)



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