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September 16, 2012

Kodak Camera Store, ca. 1910

This is what a camera shop looked like a century ago.

A seller named “2raccoons” on eBay is offering this postcard of the interior of a pharmacy / photography store, sent from Michigan to Vermont 102 years ago. Here’s the description:
“Up for auction is this extraordinary photograph of a woman in standard Gibson dress standing at a store counter purchasing a Kodak folding camera. The store employee is wearing a jacket and bow-tie which adds charm to the photograph. It is uncertain if the woman is actually buying the Kodak camera, or if the scene here is “staged,” but $25 is about what one would have paid for the Kodak folding camera at that time, which can be seen on the cash register.”

Below is a crop that provides a closer look. We see two shelves with Kodak cameras on display, a Kodak sign in the background, a photo album for sale, a standing postcard rack with photo postcards, and various films and photo supplies on the shelves.

(via PetaPixel)

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