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September 13, 2012

Soviet ‘Technology-Youth’ Magazine Covers From the 1970s

On publication of the journal has grown five generations of Russian scientific and technical intelligentsia. Among the authors’ technique – young people were such scientific luminaries as Werner Heisenberg and Paul Dirac, Otto Gunn and Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi and Louis de Broglie.

On the pages of “TM” were almost all of the outstanding Soviet scientists, specialists, heads of production, from the venerable Ivan Pavlov, Nikolai Zelinsky, Peter Kapitza, Anatoly Alexandrov to anyone unknown Sergei Korolev, Viktor Glushkov, Igor Kurchatov, Ivan Artobolevsky. And if the first task of the magazine was to give young readers the basis of scientific and technical knowledge, then – to get acquainted with the latest developments in science and technology, industry, medicine and agriculture. And yet – to raise an innovator, unconventional thinking man, defending his point of view, to learn to think creatively and look beyond the horizon of current knowledge. No wonder many in the Russian intellectual elite believed, and believe that they raised in the literature, “TM”.

(via Socialism Expo)


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