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August 31, 2012

Vintage Women's Hats and Headgear Fashions From the Early 20th Century

Women's hats were quite lavish and ostentatious during the early 1900s. Even when the clothing styles became more subdued, the hat was still fairly exuberant. Large, wide-brimmed hats decked out with plumes and flowers came in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

The introduction of the automobile in the early 1900s prompted the need for motoring hats and veils. For cycling, women frequently wore simple straw sailor hats.

Norma Talmadge in a fantastic velvet beret, 1919

Mae Busch in something truly different, 1929

Viola Dana in a great-looking geometric pattern, 1926

Barbara La Marr in a scarf a la the 1923

Claire Windsor looks elegant in fur, 1925

Betty Compson makes a statement in feathers, 1925

Alice Brady looks great in this saucy little number, 1921

Pauline Garon in a ruched silk hat and fur, 1923

Pat Patterson in hat III, 1937

Jean Parker in a black felt turban, 1937

June Lang in a hat of velvet and felt, 1937

Frances Drake wearing a grey-blue felt hat trimmed with black straw braid, 1937

Mary Carlisle in a hat and scarf of rust su├Ęde, 1937

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  1. These photos are gorgeous! I am a little hat obsessed, but those 1920s lips are stunning! The pictures definitely hold loads of makeup inspiration on top of wardrobe...




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