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August 19, 2012

20 Interesting Pictures of Malls Across America in 1989

In 1989, when Michael Galinsky was 20 years old, he and a friend spent six weeks driving across the U.S., taking pictures in malls.

“At the time, the mall was the new public space, the new community center where people would interact,” Galinsky later said. “This was pre-Internet, pre-cellphone, there was smoking in malls, it was before the Gulf War. It was this weird moment in time where things were getting ready to change.”

Over the years, many of these pictures have been reproduced in various publications and on a number of websites. One critic has commented that Galinsky captured, in these pictures, “in a beautifully off-kilter high-flash way, the cool ugliness of suburban style.” Another has written that “What makes these photos so appealing and oddly touching is the nostalgia bound up in them... They are from a not so distant past... The collection is imbued with a sense of the everyday melancholy but also manage to be a pop-anthropological feast.”

(Images © Michael Galinsky)


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